Simplify the Way You Work.


Designed around
the way you work

EDDSON is engineered around the way you actually work
to deliver efficiency and effectiveness in your busy day.


Tabbed Browsing

Never lose track of where you left off with tab-based interface, which allows you to effectively organize and manage multiple activities and quickly toggle between active tasks.


Intuitive Navigation

EDDSON’s Primary Task bar delivers easy, one-click access to foundational and frequently used functions.  These “heads up” controls ensure that you never have to back track-minimize-close-open windows, or deal with multiple clicks just to access function buttons and controls.


Nested Controls

Nested Controls are a unique design that places functionality controls within or nested in the patient record.  As a result, you can simultaneously engage is completely different tasks in separate patient records.  Imagine the efficiency a creating a treatment plan for a patient and processing a bulk insurance or patient payment – at the same time.



Intelligence baked into EDDSON anticipates what you might want to do next, and pulls up related information that could be useful in whatever task you’re working on.


Informed business decisions and higher quality patient care through dynamic data


PEAKS Dashboard

Critical business and patient care data and summary information are always at your fingertips with the Practice Efficiencies and Key Statistics (PEAKS), built directly into EDDSON.


Improved Patient Care

Effective management of clinical and treatment related activities ultimately helps you deliver a higher level of patient care.


Cloud Support

Built in, Cloud-Based Support avoids the frustration of the typical telephone matrix – you need help in the present.


Accounting & Reporting

Manage profit-impacting areas such as Accounts Receivable, Open Claims, and Patient Recare with dynamic and interactive tools, rather than static reports.


Usability & Speed

You deserve a software solution that works as hard as you do. State-of-the-art Microsoft database tools and technology help EDDSON deliver functionality and performance that is unmatched by most practice management applications.

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